Jeffrey Alexander
Nov 10, 2023  Philadelphia PA - Century with Seawind Of Battery
Oct 10, 2023  Philadelphia PA - Century, Heavy Lidders with Bhajan Bhoy, Aaron Dooley, Ex-Reverie
Oct 9, 2023  Flemington NJ - Flemington DIY, Heavy Lidders with Bhajan Bhoy, Human Adult Band
Oct 8, 2023  Brooklyn NY - Mama Tried, Heavy Lidders with Bhajan Bhoy, Theoxenia
Oct 7, 2023  North Adams MA - Belltower Records 5th Anniversary Party with Lupo Citta, Germ House
Oct 6, 2023  Kingston NY - Raven Sings The Blues 17th Anniversary Party at Tubby's, Heavy Lidders with Bhajan Bhoy, Stella Kola
Oct 5, 2023  Turners Falls MA - Shea Theater, Heavy Lidders with Bhajan Bhoy, Major Stars
Oct 4, 2023  New London CT - 33 Golden St, Heavy Lidders with Bhajan Bhoy, Slyne Family, More Klementines
Aug 30, 2023  Philadelphia PA - DuBois-Robeson People’s Center, Heavy Lidders with Ned Collette
Aug 20, 2023  Providence RI - Fuller Speed Shop
July 30, 2023  Philadelphia PA - Pageant: Soloveev, Heavy Lidders with Joe Baiza Trio, SWRM
June 27, 2023  Philadelphia PA - Brickbat Books, Sheppard + Alexander duo with Liam Grant
May 6, 2023 Milwaukee WI - Milwaukee Psych Fest, Heavy Lidders
May 6, 2023 Milwaukee WI (day) - Acme Records, Heavy Elk
May 5, 2023 Milwaukee WI - Milwaukee Psych Fest (solo)
May 4, 2023 Bloomington IL - Reverberation, Heavy Lidders with Elkhorn
May 3, 2023 Indianapolis IN - Dear Mom with Nite Ryder In The Sky
May 2, 2023 Pittsburgh PA - Brillobox, Heavy Lidders with Elkhorn
Apr 22, 2023  Philadelphia PA - Port Richmond House with Buck Curran, Liam Grant
Apr 4, 2023  Philadelphia PA - Century, Heavy Lidders with Electric Nature
Oct 15, 2022  Philadelphia PA - DuBois-Robeson People’s Center, Heavy Lidders
Sep 10, 2022  Cranford NJ - Record Craters United RCU Towers, Heavy Lidders with Rootless, Seawind Of Battery
Aug 20, 2022  Red Hook NY - Raven Sings The Blues DEEP IN THE VALLEY Festival at From The Ground Brewery, Heavy Lidders with Laraaji, Chris Forsyth, Wet Tuna, Elkhorn, more
June 26, 2022  Philadelphia PA - Kung Fu Necktie, Heavy Lidders with Howlin' Rain
Apr 22, 2022  Washington DC - Rhizome, Heavy Lidders with Generation Gap
Mar 7, 2022  Philadelphia PA - Brickbat Books, Heavy Lidders with Shane Parish
July 3, 2021  East Rockaway NY - Baked Tapes session, Heavy Lidders
June 18, 2021  Philadelphia PA - Gray's Ferry Skatepark, Heavy Lidders with Minibeast
Feb 21, 2021  Chicago IL - Million Tongues Festival 
Sep 26, 2020  Ashokan NY - Juniper Grove barn, Heavy Lidders with Kyp Malone
Feb 28, 2020  Philadelphia PA - Brickbat Books, Heavy Lidders with Ezra Feinberg, Jordan Perry
Nov 24, 2019  Philadelphia PA - Ortlieb's, Heavy Lidders with Ttotals
Nov 17, 2019  New York NY - 10th Annual Nublu Jazz Festival, Heavy Lidders
Nov 16, 2019  New Haven CT - NG2BC, Heavy Lidders with Kath Bloom, More Klementines
Nov 15, 2019  Kingston NY - Raven Sings The Blues 13th Anniversary Party at BSP, Heavy Lidders with Moon Duo, Garcia Peoples
Aug 6, 2019  Philadelphia PA - Brickbat Books, Heavy Lidders with Ash+Herb
Aug 2, 2019  Philadelphia PA - Mothership, Heavy Lidders with Grex
July 12, 2019  Philadelphia PA - The Rotunda, Heavy Lidders with Lau Nau, The Trio
Feb 7, 2019  Brooklyn NY - Union Pool, Heavy Lidders with Willie Lane, Starbirthed
Nov 10, 2018  Philadelphia PA - Mothership, Heavy Lidders with Garcia Peoples, Curanderos 
Aug 18, 2018  Philadelphia PA - The Vat with Village Of Spaces
June 10, 2017  San Francisco CA - ATA with Stephanie Sherriff, Paul Clipson
Nov 9, 2016   San Francisco CA - Meridian Gallery with Derek Gaines and Bill Baird
June 4, 2016  Berkeley CA - Berkeley Arts (All Tomorrow's After Parties 2016)
Apr 14, 2016  Oakland CA - The Speak Easy with Fountainsun
Mar 3, 2016  San Francisco, CA - Luggage Store Gallery
Dec 4, 2015   Oakland, CA - SANTO with Tara Jane ONeil, Samara Lubelski, FWY!
Nov 14, 2015   Philadelphia, PA -  House Gallery 1816 with Sapropelic Pycnic and Curanderos
July 25, 2015   Toronto, Canada - Ratio
May 31, 2015   San Francisco, CA - Tactile Dome installation at The Exploratorium 
May 30, 2015   San Francisco, CA - Tactile Dome installation at The Exploratorium
May 7, 2015   San Francisco, CA - Tactile Dome installation at The Exploratorium
Apr 28, 2015   Oakland, CA - LCM with Arttu Partinen and Antti Tolvi
Apr 27, 2015   Santa Cruz, CA - DANM Light Lab at UCSC with Arttu Partinen and Antti Tolvi
Apr 26, 2015   San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern with Arttu Partinen and Antti Tolvi
Apr 25, 2015   Sacramento, CA - Puma House with Arttu Partinen and Antti Tolvi
Apr 22, 2015   Los Angeles, CA - Handbag Factory with Arttu Partinen and Antti Tolvi
Apr 21, 2015   Los Angeles, CA - Human Resources with Arttu Partinen and Antti Tolvi
Mar 22, 2015   Oakland, CA - The Speak Easy with Fever Witch
Jan 8, 2014    Oakland CA - LCM with Noah Landis
Aug 2, 2013   Oakland CA - LCM with Arcn Templ
Apr 1, 2009    Columbus OH - Skylab with Stefano Pilia, Andrea Belfi
Mar 31, 2009   Pittsburgh PA - The Nerve with Stefano Pilia, Andrea Belfi
Mar 29, 2009   State College PA - Schlow Centre Region Library  with Stefano Pilia, Andrea Belfi
Mar 28, 2009   Cleveland OH - Front Room Gallery  with Stefano Pilia, Andrea Belfi
Mar 27, 2009   Baltimore MD - H+H  with Stefano Pilia, Andrea Belfi
Mar 27, 2005   Castelfranco Veneto (TV), Italy with Stefano Pilia, Urdog
Mar 26, 2005   Tarcento (UD), Italy with Stefano Pilia, Urdog
Mar 25, 2005   Carpi (MO), Italy with Stefano Pilia, Urdog

with Dire Wolves
Oct 2, 2022 - San Francisco CA - The Knockout
Sep 13, 2019 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Festival of Endless Gratitude at KPH
Sep 12, 2019 - Hamburg, Germany - Die Schute
Sep 11, 2019 - Prague, Czech Republic - Underdogs
Sep 9, 2019 - Munich, Germany - Import/Export
Sep 8, 2019 - Vienna, Austria - A Berry Feast Festival at AU
Sep 7, 2019 - Berlin, Germany - West Germany
Sep 6, 2019 - Bremen, Germany - Golden Shop Fest at Die Friese
Aug 22, 2019 - Oakland CA - Starline Social Club
July 27, 2019 - New York NY - Market Hotel - Dire Wolves LP Release show! with Chris Forsyth + Garcia Peoples 
May 11, 2019 - Philadelphia PA - Jerry's with Sunwatchers + Eugene Chadbourne
May 10, 2019 - New York NY - Nublu 62 with Sunwatchers + Eugene Chadbourne
April 14, 2019 - Madison WI - Mickey's Tavern 
April 13, 2019 - Milwaukee WI (night) - MKE Psych Fest at The Cooperage
April 13, 2019 - Milwaukee WI (day) - Record Store Day at Acme Records
April 11, 2019 - Chicago IL - The Hideout with Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Plastic Crimewave
April 10, 2019 - Bloomington IL - Reverberation with Sunburned Hand Of The Man, Bill MacKay
Nov 6, 2018  San Francisco CA - Dire Wolves West Coast LP release show at El Rio !
Oct 10, 2018  Oakland CA - Starline Social Club with Kikagaku Moyo
Sep 15, 2018  San Francisco CA - Adobe Books - with Village Of Spaces
Sep 15, 2018 San Francisco CA - afternoon private party
July 27, 2018  San Francisco CA - Outsound New Music Summit
July 2, 2018  San Francisco CA - Make Out Room
May 31, 2018   Berkeley CA - Dildo Factory - with Lau Nau
May 6, 2018   Chicago IL - Empty Bottle
May 4, 2018   Milwaukee WI - MKE Psych Fest
May 3, 2018   Madison WI - Mickey's Tavern
May 2, 2018   Bloomington IL - Reverberation Records - with Wet Tuna, Ash + Herb
Apr 14, 2018   Los Altos Hills CA - KFJC session
Feb 23, 2018   San Francisco CA - Adobe Books - Dire Wolves with Picastro, Crow Crash Radio
Jan 20, 2018  Oakland CA - Octopus Literary Salon with Swimming In Bengal
Dec 31, 2017  San Francisco CA - ATA - New Year's Eve Party
Dec 10, 2017 San Francisco CA - Hotel Utah - with Die Geister Beschwören
Oct 18, 2017  San Francisco CA - El Rio
Sep 24, 2017  Philadelphia PA - Kung Fu Necktie with Chris Forsyth & Solar Motel Band
Sep 23, 2017  Greenfield MA - Root Cellar with Chris Forsyth & Solar Motel Band
Sep 22, 2017  Providence RI - Aurora with Chris Forsyth & Solar Motel Band
Sep 21, 2017  Brooklyn NY - Union Pool with Chris Forsyth & Solar Motel Band
July 30, 2017  San Francisco CA - Adobe Books with Abronia, Danny Paul Grody
May 15, 2017   San Francisco CA - El Rio 
May 13, 2017   San Francisco CA - Bottom Of The Hill with Acid Mothers Temple
Apr 7, 2017   San Francisco CA - Hemlock Tavern with Entrance, Mariee Sioux
Apr 1, 2017   Santa Cruz CA - house show with Village Of Spaces
Mar 18, 2017   Oakland CA - Speakeasy 
Mar 4, 2017   Berkeley CA - Finnish Hall with Arrington de Dionyso
Dec 10, 2016   Oakland CA - Purple House with Village Of Spaces
Nov 4, 2016   San Francisco CA - ATA with Paul Clipson
Oct 16, 2016   San Francisco CA - Brick and Mortar with Kikagaku Moyo
June 25, 2016   Berkeley CA - Starry Plough with 3 Leafs, Grex
June 3, 2016   San Francisco CA - The Lab with Lau Nau, Paul Clipson
Mar 29, 2016   Oakland, CA - Golden Bull with Frankie + The Witch Fingers, Afraid
Feb 26, 2016   Oakland, CA - Salt Lick with Arrington de Dionyso
Feb 17, 2016   San Francisco, CA - The Knockout with Peacers
Dec 5, 2015   San Francisco, CA - Adobe Books with Tara Jane ONeil, Samara Lubelski
Nov 6, 2015   San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern
Sep 5, 2015   San Francisco, CA - Lost Door with Die Geister Beschworen
July 28, 2015   San Francisco CA - Hemlock Tavern with Jackie-O Motherfucker
June 17, 2015   San Francisco, CA - The Knockout
June 1, 2015   San Francisco, CA - Makeout Room
Mar 26, 2015 Oakland, CA - The Night Light with Eternal Tapestry, A Magic Whistle
Jan 19, 2015    Oakland, CA - LCM with Vom Grill, Nuslux, Dracula Lewis
Nov 22, 2014    Oakland, CA - LCM with Suzuki Junzo, Joshua Burkett
Feb 25, 2012    Pittsburgh PA - MWFA Gallery
Jan 14, 2012    Pittsburgh PA - Roup House
Dec 5, 2011    Pittsburgh PA - The Shop with Stefano Pilia
Oct 22, 2011   Pittsburgh PA - AIR
July 14, 2011   Pittsburgh PA - The Shop with Fat Worm Of Error, Metalux
Dec 18, 2010  Pittsburgh PA - The Shop with Sapat, The Young
Sep 7, 2010    Pittsburgh PA - Helter Shelter
Sep 5, 2010    Bloomington IN - Rachel's Cafe
Sep 4, 2010    St Louis MO - Floating Laboratories
Sep 3, 2010    Chicago IL - Crown Tap with El Is The Sound Of Joy, Verma and Solar Fox
Aug 10, 2010    Pittsburgh PA - Gooskis
Jul 23, 2010    Pittsburgh PA - Belvederes with Lightning Bolt
Jun 13, 2010    Pittsburgh PA - The Shop with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji
May 8, 2010    Brooklyn NY - Zebulon with D. Charles Speer and the Helix
Apr 18, 2010   Pittsburgh PA - Helter Shelter with The Body
Mar 6-7, 2010   Pittsburgh PA - Fantastic Voyagers Festival at Morning Glory Coffeehouse
Feb 7, 2010    Brooklyn NY - Zebulon with Samara Lubelski, Pete Nolan, Marc Orleans, Steve Gunn
Feb 6, 2010    Providence RI - AS220 with Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores
Dec 18, 2009  Pittsburgh PA - Sync'd at Mellwood Screening Room 
Dec 7, 2009    Pittsburgh PA - WRCT radio
Sep 16, 2009    Pittsburgh PA - The Nerve with Subarachnoid Space, OvO
May 24, 2009  Pittsburgh PA - Morning Glory Coffeehouse
Apr 12, 2009   Pittsburgh PA - The Nerve with Black Pus
Mar 24, 2009    Pittsburgh PA - Brillobox

with Jackie-O Motherfucker
Oct 18, 2015   Oakland, CA - SANTO
Oct 17, 2015   Richmond, CA - NIAD Art Center (3pm)
July 28, 2015   San Francisco CA - Hemlock Tavern with Dire Wolves
Feb 8, 2015    San Francisco CA - Makeout Room
Jan 20, 2015   San Francisco CA - 750 Natoma with Vom Grill, Nuslux
Jul 19, 2014   San Francisco CA - Hemlock Tavern with Magik Markers
Apr 29, 2014   Rovereto (TN), Italy - The Hub
Apr 28, 2014    Montebelluna (TV), Italy - Outsideinside Studio
Apr 26, 2014    Lausanne, Switzerland - Le Romandie
Apr 25, 2014    Paris, France - Les Instants Chavirés with Excepter
Apr 24, 2014    Stuttgart, Germany - Schauspiel
Apr 23, 2014    Leipzig, Germany - Raum der Kulturen
Apr 21, 2014    Copenhagen, Denmark - Jazzhouse
Apr 20, 2014    Bremen, Germany - Chinesische Wäscherei 10 Jahre Festival with Cian Nugent & The Cosmos
Mar 1, 2014    Oakland CA - Purple House
Feb 20, 2014    Oakland CA - LoBot with Tara Jane O'Neil, Sunfoot
Feb 8, 2014     Los Angeles CA - Human Resources with Bobb Bruno, Tara Jane O'Neil, Derek Rogers
Nov 17, 2013    Oakland CA - The Nightlight with Black Spirituals
Sep 26, 2013    Oakland CA - Stork Club
Aug 17, 2013   San Francisco CA - Hemlock Tavern with Evangelista
Jun 14, 2013    Oakland CA - The Nightlight with Date Palms
May 3, 2013    Oakland CA - Flava' Packet - MacArtBlurr
Apr 20, 2013    San Francisco CA - The Lab with DuChamp
Mar 30, 2013    Oakland CA - Humblebee Grocery with Inca Ore
Mar 9, 2013     San Francisco CA - Adobe Books
Mar 7, 2013     San Francisco CA - Makeout Room

with Avarus
5-17-11 Berlin Germany - Madame Claude
5-19-11 Prague Czech Republic - Final Club
5-20-11 Vienna Austria - Garage X
5-21-11 Basel Switzerland - Plattfon STAMPA
5-22-11 Geneva Switzerland - Le Kab l'Usine 
5-23-11 Lyon France - Grnd Zero
5-25-11 Paris France - Les Instants Chavires
5-26-11 Amsterdam Netherlands - OCCII
5-27-11 Brussels Belgium - Café The Student
5-28-11 Antwerpen Belgium - Gunther 
5-29-11 Den Haag Netherlands - garden party
5-30-11 Düsseldorf Germany - Salon Des Amateurs
5-31-11 Darmstadt Germany - Oetinger Villa

with Black Forest/Black Sea
The Nerve, Pittsburgh PA
with Tusk Lord, Hunted Creatures
Morning Glory Coffeehouse, Pittsburgh PA
with Mike Tamburo, Sagas
Modern Formations, Pittsburgh PA
Fantastic Voyagers Festival
Terrastock Seven Festival, Louisville, KY
Modern Formations, Pittsburgh PA
with United Bible Studies, Sharron Kraus
Schlow Library, State College PA
with Nalle
All Go Signs, Cleveland, OH
with Nalle
Cormack Planetarium, Providence, RI
collaboration with Area C
Firehouse 13, Providence, RI
with Alasdair Roberts, Charalambides
Time Machine, Easthampton, MA

Mills Gallery at BCA, Boston, MA
with James Blackshaw
AS220, Providence, RI
with James Blackshaw
Stairwell Gallery, Providence, RI
with Larkin Grimm
Cormack Planetarium, Providence, RI
collaboration with Area C
Machines With Magnets, Pawtucket, RI
with Lightning Bolt, Alasehir, more
AS220, Providence, RI
BSR Benefit with Olneyville Sound System, CP/DP
AS220, Providence, RI
with Gary Higgins, John Specker
Looney Bin, Providence, RI
with Mudboy, Wizzards, Blue Shift
La Générale, Paris, France
with Fursaxa, Magik Markers, Black Egg
KC Belgie, Hasselt, Belgium
with Fursaxa, My Cat Is An Alien
Bad Bonn, Düdingen, Switzerland
with Fursaxa
Filanda Motta, Mogliano Veneto, Italy
with Fursaxa, Mudboy
Sonic, Lyon, France
with Fursaxa
ATP Festival - Nightmare Before Christmas, Butlins Minehead, Somerset, UK
BF/BS/Fursaxa collaboration. With a a ton of amazing groups
AS220, Providence, RI
Record Release show! with Charalambides, ZoOoOom, Zaimph
RISD Museum, Providence, RI
Gallery Night
PAs Lounge (NEST FEST), Somerville, MA
with Kites, Keith Fullerton Whitman
AS220, Providence, RI
with Christina Carter, Max Ochs, Ellen Mary McGee
Terrastock Six Festival, Providence, RI
AS220, Providence, RI
with Larkin Grimm, Birds Of Delay, Son of Earth, Geoff Mullen, Number None
RISD Tap Room, Providence, RI
with Daniel Higgs, Micah Blue Smaldone, films by Mike Stoltz and Jo Dery
AS220, Providence, RI
with Shalabi Effect, Landing
Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
with The Big Huge, Marissa Nadler
May-N-Kevin-4-Eva, Providence, RI
with Urdog, Mudboy, Area C, Geoff Mullen
Secret Eye CMJ showcase at Galapagos, Brooklyn, NY
with The Big Huge, Larkin Grimm, Long Live Death, Fursaxa, Urdog
St Lawrence Church, Portland, ME
with Visitations, Islaja, Lau Nau, Tomutonttu, Kuupuu
Bookmill, Montague, MA
with Davenport, Islaja, Lau Nau, Kuupuu, Pekko Kappi, Tomutonttu
Nom D'Artiste, Boston, MA
with Skaters, Hertta Lussu Assa, Pekko Kappi, Tomutonttu
AS220, Providence, RI
with A Hawk + A Hacksaw, Colleen, Eyes + Arms of Smoke
Bookmill, Montague, MA
with Josephine Foster, Rachel Mason
Nom D'Artiste, Boston, MA
with Josephine Foster, Rachel Mason
Wood St house show, Providence, RI
with Larkin Grimm, Nmperign, Blue Shift, Work/Death's Crude Bone Altar
Nom D'Artiste, Boston, MA
with Guiseppe Ielasi, EKG
Okie Street, Providence, RI
with Blue Shift
First Night Boston, Boston, MA
with Birchville Cat Motel, Howard Stelzer
AS220, Providence, RI
with Christina Carter, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Geoff Mullen
New Works Studio, Toronto, ON, Canada
part of ES. with Flynns, Gastric Female Reflex
Lucky Cat Cafe, Brooklyn, NY
part of ES. with Izititiz and GHQ
ES radio session
Midway Cafe, Boston, MA
part of ES. With Vampire Can't, Crystal Cock Over Canada, Donna Parker
AS220, Providence, RI
part of ES. With Dave Unger, Sinking Body, Kites
Strange Maine, Portland, ME
part of ES. Also separate BF/BS set
Bookmill, Montague, MA
BF/BS play as part of ES (Finland) for the next 10 days. With MV+EE
Clark University, Worcester, MA

Autumnal Festival, AS220, Providence, RI
with Urdog, Landing, Skygreen Leopards Skyband, Golden Hotel
White Electric, Providence, RI
with Kites, Mr Gutter
Circolo Zuni, Ferrara, Italy
with Christina Carter
Quadriportico della Pia Casa, Salerno, Italy
with Christina Carter
Galleria Toledo, Napoli, Italy
with Christina Carter, Amy Denio
venue TBA, Bari, Italy
with Christina Carter
Tago Mago, Marina di Massa, Italy
with Christina Carter
Maharaja, Pescara, Italy
with Christina Carter
Zu Fest, Acquario Romano, Roma, Italy
with Christina Carter, Lightning Bolt, Mats Gustafsson, Zu
Ulisse, Firenze, Italy
with Christina Carter
Club 74 (Circolo della Grada), Bologna, Italy
with Christina Carter
venue TBA, Genova, Italy
with Christina Carter
Il Clandestino, Faenza, Italy
with Christina Carter
Buenaventura, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy
with Christina Carter
Hybrida Space, Tarcento, Italy
with Christina Carter
Cox 18, Milano, Italy
with Christina Carter
Stella Star, Helsinki, Finland
with Christina Carter, Fursaxa
Eohopea Club, Turku, Finland
with Christina Carter, Fursaxa
Lepovaunu, Savonlinna, Finland
with Christina Carter, Fursaxa
(in the forest) near Pori, Finland
with Christina Carter, Fursaxa, Paivansade, Avarus
Mental Alaska, Telakka, Tampere, Finland
with Christina Carter, Fursaxa, Avarus
Taidepanimo, Lahti, Finland
with Christina Carter, Fursaxa
Moonshake Festival, Umea, Sweden
with Christina Carter, Fursaxa, Moon Trotskij, Brotherhood of Eternal Love
Valentines, Albany, NY
with Kamakazie Hearts
CineCycle, Toronto, ON, Canada
with Picastro
Warehouse Next Door, Washington, DC
with Big Huge
True Vine, Baltimore, MD

Espers House, Philadelphia, PA
with MV+EE
the EYE, Pittsburgh, PA
with Black Unicorn, Slices
Soma Coffee House, Bloomington, IN
with Vollmar
Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
with Animal Collective, Black Dice
AS220, Providence, RI
part of Bizzare Bazaar - daytime show
Pasture Music Fest, Aspen Farm, Clayton, WI
Knitting Factory, New York, NY
with Landing, The Dragon
Bookmill, Montague, MA
with Landing, Fursaxa, Sharron Kraus
Okie St. Observatory, Providence, RI
with Autumn Rhythm, Seekonk, Uncle Tatter
The Bookmill, Montague, MA
with St. Joan, Feathers
AS220, Providence, RI
with St. Joan
Grand Rokk, Reykjavik, Iceland

Monorail, Glasgow, Scotland
with Sharron Kraus, Joe Budenholzer
Tchai Ovna, Glasgow, Scotland
with Scatter, Sharron Kraus, Ali Roberts
Drake's, Aberdeen, Scotland
with 67, Kitchen Cynics
Morden Tower, Newcastle, England

Termite Club, Leeds, England
with Opaque
Talbot Hotel, Stoke on Trent, England
Harry Sumnall joins in for a BF/BS trio
Leicester, England
with Tiger Saw, Viking Moses, Deerpark. Harry Sumnall joins for BF/BS trio
Nottingham, England
with Tiger Saw, Viking Moses, St. Joan
Bar Unlimited, Bristol, England
with Gravenhurst
Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, England
with Geese
Galway Arts Centre, Galway, Ireland
with Murmansk, Rustic Tacki
Doyle's, Dublin, Ireland
with Bulletts, United Bible Studies
The Bull, London, England

Locanda Atlantica, Rome, Italy

Teatro Instabile, Naples, Italy

Ulisse, Florence, Italy

Aquaragia, Mirandola, Italy
with Stefano Pilia
Radio Citta del Capo Live, Bologna, Italy
Stefano Pilia joins in for a BF/BS trio
Interzona, Verona, Italy

Treviso, Castel Franco, Italy

Arciblob, Arcore, Italy

Festen, Paris, France
Live in-store
Popin, Paris, France
with Kevin Branstetter
Radio Campus Paris Live, Paris, France

t'Ey, Belsele, Belgium

Ferme du Biereau, Louvain la Neuve, Belgium
with Spokane
Ferme du Biereau, Louvain la Neuve, Belgium
Movie Night
Radio Centraal Live, Antwerp, Belgium

Stereophonic Records, Antwerp, Belgium
Live in-store
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
with Lovid, 1-Speed Bike
Afrika Squat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

HPC, The Hague, Netherlands
with AU
VPRO Live, Amsterdam, Netherlands
'De Avonden' session
Vera Club, Gronigen, Netherlands

Astra Stube, Hamburg, Germany

Stubnitz, Rostock, Germany

Butterclub, Berlin, Germany

Scheune, Dresden, Germany

ACC, Weimar, Germany
with Portland Vampires, Red76 Arts Group
9pm Records, Furth, Germany
Live in-store
Kofferfabrik, Furth, Germany

Phantom, Bytom, Poland
with Magic Carpathians
Alchemia, Krakow, Poland
with Magic Carpathians
Jazzgot, Warsaw, Poland
with Magic Carpathians
Warsaw, Poland
with One Inch of Shadow
Vilnius, Lithuania

Saksofons, Riga, Latvia

Pori, Finland
with Lauhkeat Lampaat, Janne Laurila
Turku, Finland
with Kemialliset Ystavat, Maniac's Dream
Tampere Univ. Radio Live, Finland

Mental Alaska, Tampere, Finland
with Kemialliset Ystavat
Psychotopic Zone, Helsinki, Finland

Jyvaskyla, Finland

Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

Moonshake Festival, Umea, Sweden
with Spacious Mind
Bellmens Solanger, Goteborg, Sweden

Ramp, Trondheim, Norway

Landmark, Bergen, Norway

Cementen, Stavanger, Norway

Charlie's, Kristiansand, Norway

NRK radio, Oslo, Norway

Cafe Mir, Oslo, Norway

AS220, Providence, RI
with Trad Gras och Stenar, Cul de Sac
AS220, Providence, RI
BF/BS CD release with Cerberus Shoal, Urdog
Cultural Proving Ground, Troy, NY
with Christina Carter, Jason Martin
Lemurhouse, Philadelphia, PA
with Christina Carter, Fursaxa
Copy Cat Warehouse, Baltimore, MD
with Christina Carter, Long Live Death
Goldberg family front porch, Pittsburgh, PA
with Christina Carter
The Rudyard Kipling, Louiville, KY
with Christina Carter, Sapat
Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington, IN
with Christina Carter, static films
Springwater, Nashville, TN
with Christina Carter, Cherry Blossoms
KTRU Live, Houston, TX
with Christina Carter
Sound Exchange, Houston, TX
with Christina Carter
Ballet Austin, Austin, TX
with Cinders, Imbraglio String Quartet
Opolis, Norman, OK
with Gray Field Recordings, Anvil Salute
The Walls, Albuquerque, NM

Aron's Records, Los Angeles, CA
Live in-store
The Derby (Fold Night), Los Angeles, CA

Santa Cruz, CA house party
with Whysp
KFJC Live, Los Altos Hills, CA
Glenn Donaldson joins in for a BF/BS trio
964 Natoma, San Francisco, CA
with Charles Atlas, Zoe Keating. Glenn Donaldson joins in for a BF/BS trio
KDVS Live, Davis, CA

Tone Vendor Records, Sacramento, CA
Live in-store
Sacramento, CA house party

St. Joseph's Cultural Center, Grass Valley, CA
with Whysp
Blackbird, Portland, OR

Pacific Switchboard, Portland, OR
with Portland Vampires
Millenium Records, Portland, OR
Live in-store
Burlingame Acoustic Room, Portland, OR
with John Vecchiarelli
Connor Byrnes Pub, Seattle, WA
with John Vecchiarelli
The Voyeur, Olympia, WA
Super 8 Film Night
Luscious, Seattle, WA
MEME Concert Series #11 with Klondike and York
Crescent Moon Coffee courtyard, Lincoln, NE
with The Amazing Disappearing, Jass Halos
Kitty Cat Klub, Minneapolis, MN
with Paul Metzger, Salamander
Reckless Records, Chicago, IL
with Boscoe and Jorge
AS220, Providence, RI
BF/BS CD Release + Tour Kickoff with Arcade Fire
Tillinghast Estate / RISD Farm, Barrington, RI
Havana Bob's Birthday Bash on the beach
WMBR Live, Boston, MA

Providence Civic Center, Olneyville, RI
with Comets On Fire, Sunburned Hand Of The Man
AS220, Providence, RI
An evening of Big Black covers featuring all flavors of Providence acts.
Oni Gallery, Boston, MA
with Diana Darby
Space, Portland, ME
with Diana Darby
Free Space Gallery, Fitchburg, MA
with Diana Darby
AS220, Providence, RI
with The Microphones, Landing, D+ and Karl Blau
P.A.s Lounge, Somerville, MA
with Nautical Almanac, Gold, Fire Over New England
Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
with Gravenhurst
The Free Space Gallery, Fitchburg, MA
with Mark Dwinell, Gravenhurst
some coffeshop? in Lowell, MA
with Mark Dwinell, Gravenhurst
AS220, Providence, RI
with Brother Danielson of Danielson Famile, Marissa Nadler
York Square Cinema, New Haven, CT
with Gravenhurst, Landing
Lemur House, Philadelphia, PA
with Fursaxa, Gravenhurst, Bardo Pond
Copy Cat Warehouse, Baltimore, MD
with Fursaxa, Gravenhurst, Long Live Death, Madagascar, Jodie Marston
Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA
with Fursaxa, Gravenhurst
Tonic Gallery, NY, NY
with Fursaxa, Endless Boogie
with Fursaxa
Cultural Proving Ground, Troy, NY
with Fursaxa, Jason Martin
Artwell Gallery, Torrington, CT
with Fursaxa, Afee Khomin, Emil Caleb
Atlas Bower Books, Providence, RI
with The Scorces. First-ever BF/BS show.

with The Iditarod
5-7-3 Providence, RI - QMSfest at AS220
    with Gravenhurst, Barn Burning
4-25-3 Boston, MA - Berwick Institute
    with Fursaxa, Mark Dwinell
4-24-3 Portland, ME - St. Lawrence Church
    with Fursaxa, Matt Valentine
4-23-3 Florence, MA - New Grass Center
    with Fursaxa
4-18-3 New Haven, CT - Yale University
    with Fursaxa, Long Live Death
4-17-3 Providence, RI - QMS#10 at AS220
    with Fursaxa, Long Live Death
4-1-3 Reykjavik, Iceland - Grand Rokk
    with Kimono
3-30-3 Nottingham, England - Rescue Rooms
    with Sharron Kraus, Saint Joan
3-28-3 Aberdeen, Scotland - Dr. Drake's
    with S. Kraus, Delicate Awol, Ali Roberts, Kitchen Cynics
3-27-3 Glasgow, Scotland - 13th Note
    with Sharron Kraus, Delicate Awol, DJ John Cavanagh
3-27-3 Glasgow, Scotland - Monorail Music
    with Sharron Kraus
3-26-3 Liverpool, England - The Brewery
    with Sharron Kraus, Lazily Spun
3-25-3 Liverpool, England - Everyman (Folk Club Night)
    with Sharron Kraus
3-24-3 Aberystwyth, Wales - The Cooper's Arms
    with Sharron Kraus
3-22-3 Bristol, England - Cube Cinema
    with Sharron Kraus, Gravenhurst, Caroline Martin
3-20-3 Oxford, England - St. Barnabas Church
    with Sharron Kraus, From Quagmire
3-7-3 Providence, RI - Brown Student Radio live broadcast
2-9-3 Providence, RI - Atlas Bower Books
    CD Release Party with Barn Burning
12-19-2 Providence, RI - QMS#6 at AS220
    (sitting in with Barnacled) with Sharron Kraus
11-25-2 Providence, RI - Met Cafe
    with Rasputina
10-17-2 Providence, RI - LVD House
    with Arnoux, Human Abstract, Football Rabbit
10-15-2 Providence, RI - QMS#4 at AS220 
    with Stone Breath, Adam Forkner, Dave Longstreth
10-11-2 Boston, MA - Terrastock 5 Festival at Axis
    with 36 other amazing bands!
9-27-2 Easthampton, MA - Flywheel
    Film Fest with Tarpigh, Afikomen
9-14-2 Providence, RI - White Electric
    with Sharron Kraus, Alec Redfearn, Stringbuilder
9-13-2 Providence, RI - AS220
    Special Sharron Kraus-Jeffrey Alexander-Alec Redfearn trio
9-6-2 New York, NY - Baggot Inn
    with Sharron Kraus
9-2-2 Jersey City, NJ - WFMU live radio broadcast
9-1-2 Cambridge, MA - Kendall Cafe
    with Sharron Kraus, Darren Hanlon
8-24-2 Portland, ME - St. Lawrence Church
    5000 Strings Of The Sun Festival with Jack Rose, PG Six,     Sharron Kraus, Fursaxa, Scorces, Matt Valentine, more
8-23-2 St. John, NB, Canada - Waterfront Lounge
    with Sharron Kraus
8-23-2 St. John, NB, Canada - CFMH live radio broadcast
    with Sharron Kraus
8-21-2 Halifax, NS, Canada - Dandelion Cafe
    with Sharron Kraus (also street busking earlier on)
8-17-2 Durham, NH - WUNH live radio broadcast
    with Sharron Kraus
8-17-2 Newburyport, MA - Santiago's Art Gallery
    Envyfest with Sharron Kraus
8-2-2 Boston, MA - Milky Way Lounge
    with Sharron Kraus, Pee Wee Fist, Torrez
7-25-2 Newburyport, MA - Middle Street Foods
    with Dan Blakeslee, Sharron Kraus, Dylan Tigersaw
7-23-2 Cambridge, MA - WMBR live radio broadcast
    Pipeline! with Sharron Kraus
7-20-2 Easthampton, MA - Flywheel
    with Sharron Kraus
7-18-2 Providence, RI - QMS#3 at AS220
    with Sharron Kraus
5-22-2 Providence, RI - QMS#1 at AS220
    with Charalambides, PG Six
4-13-2 Providence, RI - AS220
    Jeffrey Alexander solo with Havanarama
3-2-2 Reykjavik, Iceland - Hitt Husid
3-1-2 Reykjavik, Iceland - Japis Record Store
2-27-2 Koersel-Beringen, Belgium - Club 9 
    with Peter Scion, Ring, Drekka
2-27-2 Antwerp, Belgium - Radio Centraal live broadcast
    with Peter Scion, Ring, Drekka
2-26-2 Amsterdam, Netherlands - VPRO live radio broadcast
    with Peter Scion, Ring, Drekka
2-24-2 Frankfurt, Germany - Dreikönigskeller
    with Peter Scion, Ring, Drekka
2-23-2 Halle, Germany - Brohmers
    with Peter Scion, Ring, Drekka
2-22-2 Darmstadt, Germany - Oetinger Villa
    with Peter Scion, Ring, Drekka
2-21-2 Rostock, Germany - MS Stubnitz
    with Peter Scion, Ring, Drekka
2-20-2 Copenhagen, Denmark - Ungdomshuset
    with Peter Scion, Ring, Drekka
2-19-2 Oslo, Norway - Blå
    with Peter Scion, Ring, Drekka
2-16-2 Providence, RI - AS220 
    CD Release Party with Havanarama, Drekka
12-8-1 Philadelphia, PA - Brooke's Salon Series
    with Stone Breath, Fursaxa, Marianne Nowottny, G.Weeks
11-23-1 Providence, RI - AS220
    with Emily Sparks, Eric Wohlgemuth
10-28-1 Providence, RI - Met Cafe
    with Michael Hurley
8-25-1 Richmond, VA - Pyramid Institute
    with Pelt, Fursaxa, Tanakh
6-28-1 Providence, RI - 75 Eagle Street Warehouse
    with Six Organs Of Admittance, Jack Rose, Fursaxa
6-8-1 Providence, RI - White Electric
    with Alec Redfearn
5-26-1 Providence, RI - AS220
    Mark & Farley's Wedding Reception with Eyesores, 
    Plymouth Rock and Will Sheff (of Okkervil River)
4-21-1 Providence, RI - AS220
    with In Gowan Ring, Stone Breath, Drekka
4-20-1 Cambridge, MA - First Church
    with In Gowan Ring, Stone Breath, Drekka, Abunai
4-19-1 Durham, NH - University of New Hampshire
    with In Gowan Ring, Stone Breath, Drekka
4-18-1 New London, CT - Secret Theatre
    with In Gowan Ring, Stone Breath, Drekka
4-17-1 N. Kingston, RI - WRIU live radio broadcast
    with In Gowan Ring, Stone Breath, Drekka
4-15-1 Easthampton, MA - Flywheel
    with In Gowan Ring, Stone Breath, Drekka
4-14-1 Brooklyn, NY - Free 103.9
    with In Gowan Ring, Stone Breath, Drekka
3-31-1 Providence, RI - White Electric
3-30-1 Providence, RI - AS220
    with Medicine Ball
2-18-1 Providence, RI - White Electric
    with Anomoanon
11-4-0 Portland, ME - Free Street Taverna
    with Stringbuilder
10-11-0 Copenhagen, Denmark - Stengade 30
10-9-0 Kristiansand, Norway - Mona Lisa / FMVN 
    with Ring
10-8-0 Oslo, Norway - RadiOrakel live broadcast #2
10-7-0 Oslo, Norway - Cafe Mir
10-7-0 Oslo, Norway - RadiOrakel live broadcast #1
10-6-0 Oslo, Norway - Yellow House
10-5-0 Stockholm, Sweden - Lava / Kulturhuset
10-4-0 Gothenburg, Sweden - Kulturhuset Oceanen 
    with Peter Scion, Jerry Johansson
3-17-0 Brooklyn, NY - Charleston
    with Tono Bungay, Double Leopards
11-13-99 Providence, RI - AS220
    Fat Cat Extravaganza - all day band fest
11-9-99 Cambridge, MA - WMBR live radio broadcast
    Pipeline! with Mary Timony, Mary Lou Lord
6-12-99 Montreal, PQ, Canada - Hotel 2 Tango
    with Eyesores, Molasses
6-11-99 Ottawa, ON, Canada - Saw Gallery
    with Eyesores, fisheyelens
5-29-99 Arlington, VA - Galaxy Hut
    with Eyesores, Winterbrief
5-28-99 Baltimore, MD - Ottobar 
    with Eyesores, Quix-O-Tix
5-?-99 Philadelphia, PA - Ethical Society, Rittenhouse Sq.
    with Eyesores, Rabbit in Red
5-15-99 Providence, RI - Safari Lounge
    Split 7" Record Release with Eyesores
?-?-99 Keene, NH - Keene State College
    with Eyesores, Princeton Reverbs Colonial
?-?-99 Providence, RI - Safari Lounge
    with Purple Ivy Shadows
12-6-98 Providence, RI - Century Lounge
    CD Release Party with Poem Rocket, Chris Daltry
11-8-98 Providence, RI - AS220
    benefit show for AS220's PA system...with 12 other bands
11-5-98 New York, NY - Gershwin Hotel / CMJ Showcase
    with Poem Rocket, Lux Aeterna, Wharton Tiers, Jon Todd
5-24-98 Baltimore, MD - Sowebo Festival
    with Michael and Sandra (of Poem Rocket) sitting in...
    (our farewell to Baltimore performance)
4-10-98 Baltimore, MD - Ottobar
    with Mountain Goats, Alastair Galbraith
11-20-97 Baltimore, MD - Rods & Cones Festival
    with Bardo Pond, Poem Rocket
?-?-97 Baltimore, MD - Mencken's Cultured Pearl
    with Purple Ivy Shadows
?-?-97 Baltimore, MD - Maryland Institute College of Art
    with Sonny Roelle